Calderdale Food Network

Calderdale Food Network was established in July 2017, in response to feedback from the Calderdale Food Workshop, which highlighted the major role food plays in the health and wellbeing of our community and the need for a coordinated, locally-led partnership approach to establish a good food culture. 


To establish a culture where healthy affordable sustainable local food is accessible to all


1.Promote healthy and sustainable food for everyone in Calderdale.

2.Tackle food poverty and inequality

3.Tackle diet-related ill health, by ensuring access to a healthy diet.

4.Build community food knowledge, skills, resources and projects.

5.Promote a vibrant diverse sustainable food economy.

6.Support healthy and sustainable catering and food procurement.

7.Reduce waste and the ecological footprint of the food system

CFN is inclusive and seeks to be representative of the communities, businesses, organisations and activists within the local food landscape. Members include individuals, groups and organisations interested in creating a healthy sustainable and equitable food system, who bring their experiences and expertise to achieve outcomes and tackle key issues. Strong cross-sector working relationships and representation on the steering group enable a collaborative approach to delivering an action plan which reflects the priorities of the region in relation to food.


What we do

Calderdale Food Charter

The Calderdale Food Charter encompasses our aims and visions for a vibrant, healthy and sustainable food system for Calderdale and is a platform for future projects, a catalyst for engagement with businesses and the community, and a guide for linking policy to action. It is linked closely to CMBC’s Climate Action Response and CMBC Vision 2024.

Join the Calderdale good food movement by signing the Charter and pledging to make a change to establish a culture of good food for all.


Sugar Smart Calderdale

Launched in February 2018, with 50 registered participants and 51 action pledges and we have already achieved excellent outcomes in Phase 1, including the following:

Environmental Change

  • CMBC - Leisure services - new vending tender specification 
  • Environmental Health - new smart eating accreditation for food outlets, incorporating Sugar Smart guidance                                                                                             
  • CHFT - changes to vending and achievement of Food for Life Served Here accreditation 

Organisational Change 

  •  NHPT - pledges made by all 7 children’s centres; Sugar Smart training for all managers 
  •  Halifax RLFC - establishment of new ‘norm’ around sugar consumption
  •  CMBC Public Health, Better Living Service, Locala PHEYS - Move towards new ‘norm’ in snacking culture

Schools Actions 

  •  Northowram, Holy Trinity, Ryburn Valley - Sugar Smart assemblies, quizzes and challenges
  •  Northern Lights Pre-School - promoting healthy packed lunches; promoting drinking water;     Sugar Smart recipe demonstrations

Phase 2 is launching in February 2021!

We are encouraging as many organisations, businesses, community groups and individuals as possible to get involved to consolidate and expand on the outcomes already achieved.

 Key objectives for 2021 are as follows:

1.  Raise awareness of the need to reduce sugar intake across community settings (schools, early years settings, sports and leisure centres, hospitals and health centres, restaurants, businesses & local authority)

2. Follow up & promote further action on junk food advertising

3.  Improve vending options

4.  Increase the consumption of drinking water

5.  Review the Cute Fruit awards scheme for settings and broaden the oral hygiene target, including a focus on healthy vegetables, so that outcomes are consolidated and linked to Sugar Smart campaign.


Calderdale Good Food Movement