Bury Food Partnership

Bury Food Partnership - Eat, Live, Love Food

Our Vision:

For Bury to be at the forefront of promoting and celebrating good food for all, through a knowledgeable, connected, supported and vibrant food culture.

The priorities of the Bury Food Strategy are that healthy and sustainable food in Bury is:

  • →Promoted and Celebrated
  • → Accessible to All
  • → Built on Education
  • → Vibrant and Resilient
  • → Resourced and Sustainable
  • → Connected and Collective

Members of the Bury Food Partnership are from across all areas of the local food sector and organisations that have an interest in creating a healthy, sustainable and equitable food system in Bury.  Members include representatives from community groups, voluntary sector, private businesses, public health and the public.  

The partnership is chaired by a member of the Bury Health and Wellbeing Board.  This post will be by invitation of the partnership annually, based on appropriate council portfolios. The Public Health Nutritionist supports the chair and wider partnership in setting agendas and coordinating meetings.

Partnership meetings are held quarterly and report to the Health and Wellbeing Board.

What we do

We successfully launched the Bury Food Strategy in January 2021. 

The Bury Food Partnership provides the opportunity for partners to share best practice, collaborate as well as to drive the Bury Food Strategy action plan.

We are immensely proud of how much has been achieved by the Bury Food Partnership in a relatively short amount of time and amidst a global pandemic.  For the first time in Bury we have an active core partnership of members who meet regularly to focus on the food agenda, and collectively work towards the Food Strategy action plan.  As new partners come on board, the focus of meetings evolves to reflect this.

During the pandemic, the Bury food community excelled itself under the emergency food agenda.  Prior to the pandemic Bury did not have a food aid network.  The Bury Community Support Network (B.C.S.N) chaired by the VCFA comprises 15 independent food banks/pantries, who directly support people with lived experience of food scarcity.  The B.C.S.N regularly meet to focus on food insecurity, to collectively bid for funds, to share resources and importantly to support each other and their communities.  Representation from this group feds into the Bury Food Partnership.   

In between quarterly meetings there is range of activity underway via the partnership: key food-related updates are shared, members are encouraged to take part in new good food movement activity e.g. Good Food Champions, subgroups are held to connect members priorities and activity e.g. co-developing, bidding opportunities are supported, and contributions are made from a good food perspective into aligning strategies such as climate action.

Most recently the Bury Food Partnership collectively wrote the Bury Good Food Charter during autumn 2021. 


Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Awareness and Engagement

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Climate & Nature Friendly Food