Going for Gold Steering Group

The Going for Gold Steering Group was set up to help build collaboration across the city as we work towards achieving 'Gold’ in the Sustainable Food Places awards.

The Group is chaired by Asher Craig, one of the Deputy Mayors in Bristol City Council. We have agreed Terms of Reference, and at the moment, are meeting once a month.

The Going for Gold campaign is split into 6 themes: Buying Better, Food Waste, Urban Growing, Community Action, Eating Better, Food Equality. The Steering Group brings together theme leads for these 6 areas, along with Council staff who can offer support to the campaign, through e.g. Communications or Project Management.

Organisations represented on the Steering Group:

  • Bristol City Council (Public Health, Sustainable Cities, Comms, City Office, Emergency response)
  • Bristol Food Network
  • Bristol Green Capital Partnership
  • Essential Trading (sponsors)
  • Feeding Bristol
  • Grow Wilder (Avon Wildlife Trust)
  • Incredible Edible Bristol
  • Resource Futures
  • West of England Food Procurement Group

What we do

In 2019 the partners developed the Going for Gold campaign, which aimed to mobilise support for a more sustainable food system through the actions of 3 key audiences: individuals, non-food businesses & organisations, and food businesses. The main mechanism for engagement was via the Going for Gold website, where anyone could register and log their sustainable food actions across the 6 theme areas.

At the start of the pandemic, it no longer felt appropriate to push people to "do more" when everyone was struggling. We focussed on pulling-together the most useful and current information for people needing help or seeking new ways to shop, which we published on the Bristol Food Network website. We sought-out ways to better-connect those food organisations working within local communities which we published as a Resources section of the website. At this time we launched an altogether softer campaign - Bristol Food Kind, which tapped-in to what was naturally emerging during lockdown: A renewed interest in cooking, growing our own food, and a realisation about how much food we're wasting. We collected together images using a shared hashtag, ran webinars, hosted streaming cinema nights, and created a series of Bristol Good Food Films.

In Autumn 2020 it still felt like it was inappropriate to push people into taking actions. We also realised that we needed an easy entry level of suggested actions for those coming to sustainable food issues for the first time. It felt inappropriate to push hard-pressed hospitality businesses to do more in the face of such complete disruption in the sector. In the light of such a change in local and national mood, we completely revamped the website and relaunched as Bristol Bites Back Better.



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