Bridport Food Partnership

The Partnership mission is to achieve a Sustainable Food System in the Bridport area.

We want a joined up local food economy that produces more fruit & vegetables;  supports local livelihoods and increases community wellbeing; promotes greater  access to healthy, seasonal food for everyone; encourages agro-eoclogical and new farmers and food enterprises; and in ways that protect and regenerate the natural  environment. 

We want a food system which is good for people, animals and the planet.

Core Values: 

· food is at the heart of community cohesion and resilience 

· food should be healthy both for people and planet 

· activities should be inclusive and accessible 

· working collaboratively, co-creating, consulting local communities, building  partnerships 

Bridport Food Partnership has emerged from 5 years' work of lead organisation Bridport Food Matters: a community hub promoting access to nutritious food for all forever.  BFM was founded as a partnership between Seeding Our Future, Bridport Local Food Group and Sustainable Bridport. This in turn builds on the legacy of Food Future Bridport, a vibrant local food economy and and many community food initiatives. Key partners include Town Council.

Bridport Food Matters,  UA with a Steering Group of 7, Chaired by Candida Dunford Wood

What we do


a) To create spaces where people can come together to share ideas, information  and skills, building a local food partnership 

b) To help our our local food system and our community be resilient in the face  of climate change and economic instability 

c) To enable everyone to have easy access to affordable, healthy and delicious,  locally grown food 

d) To ensure that everyone has a say in how we achieve these aims 

More information about some of the recent events to discuss aspects of the Food System here.

We have been working in support of Bridport Town Council on Bridport's Food Security Plan and are promoting engagement in the FS Action Plan.

BFM and Bridpoort Local Food Group working in partnership to deliver the Bridport Food Festival (15th June 2024) This includes Bridport Food Matters's programme of panel discussions on How  Are Local Producers Building Food Security?; and How Do We Get Good Food on the Table? Also interactive engagement in What do we want in a Community Food Hub? and more.

Children's Food and Art Fair 

Food Security for All partnership between BFM, HOME in Bridport and Sustainable Bridport. 

Read more about Bridport Food Matters' projects - Community Food Hub and Edible Bridport, here

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Awareness and Engagement

Tackling Food Poverty

Climate & Nature Friendly Food