Bradford District Sustainable Food Partnership

The Bradford District Sustainable Food Partnership was formally established in September 2022 but has been operating informally since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic where various District stakeholders convened to co-produce the Bradford Good Food Strategy.

Governance sits within the ‘City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council’, through the Living Well Steering group (Our Whole System Approach to Health and Wellbeing see - and the district's Health and Wellbeing Board. The Partnership also reports into the Bradford District Sustainable Development Partnership (see

Cllr Sue Duffy, Portfolio holder for Children & Families and Living Well, chairs the Partnership meetings.

The main role of the partnership is to provide the operational direction of the new good food strategy, and to bring together all key partners from across the district to operate through a ‘Whole System’ approach to help influence and shape a more healthy and sustainable food system. Operating against the Sustainable Food Places framework, the partnership will focus on 4 key areas which are specific to Bradford; Creating an Eating Well culture, Tackling Food Insecurities, Community-led food growing, A sustainable food system for all.

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What we do

Food Savers merges the Social Supermarket Model and Credit Union. This saves members over £1,000 each year on their food shop whilst also saving regularly through Credit Union. 

Vertical Farm within Old Mills Feasibility demonstrated that it is technically possible to transform an old mill or heritage building into a vertical farm and that the additional cost for restoring a heritage building would be approximately 10% more than a purpose-built vertical farm. Rising cost of energy which makes it increasingly difficult for vertical farms to be economically viable. Further discussion is exploring how a case for industrial scale glasshouses could be made for the District.

Halal Lamb Farm-to-Fork Feasibility identified key elements of the local lamb supply chain and suggests potential next steps for establishing a local supply chain. The study also estimates the scale of lamb consumption and production in the District, and the size of the local lamb economy. 

Community-led Growing Grants funded district wide initiatives through the local voluntary sector with funding grants of up to £2,000 and amounts between £2,000 and £5,000 to help stimulate community-led growing.

Takeaways and Fast-Food Support Programme is a piece of work which is being commissioned to work in partnership with Takeaways and Fast-Food providers to develop a healthier offering. This work aims to start in early 2023.

Healthy & Sustainable Markets Charter for the Darley Street Market (scheduled to open in 2024) will co-produce a set of guidelines and criteria to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the Market contributes to health and sustainability outcomes. More information on the Market is available here: 

Eating Well campaign ‘Swap Well to Eat Well’ is a new health eating campaign that we launched in early November. This campaign is a locally informed co-produced campaign aimed at supporting local residents to make better food choices, and is under-pinned by support linked to the cost of living crisis.

Various other co-created projects are being scoped through the process of refining the Partnership Action Plan.

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Awareness and Engagement

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating