Arun & Chichester Food Partnership

The Arun & Chichester Food Partnership was set up in November 2020 with the initial aims of alleviating the rising food poverty in the region and tackling its root causes. It has since broadened its reach to explore wider food systems issues, with our core aims being: 

  • To create and deliver on a Food Strategy & Action Plan for Arun & Chichester, focusing on social, environmental and economic sustainability.  

  • To improve the physical and mental health of our community through access to good food.  

  • To strengthen the food sector through bringing social food providers and local suppliers together, identifying gaps and creating solutions.  

  • To promote sustainable food through clear communications online and out in the community.  

  • Researching and campaigning to improve our food system and provide better outcomes for the residents of Arun & Chichester. 

The partnership brings together voluntary and community sector organisation leaders and local authority representatives at both county and district level. There are two part-time Development Officers hosted by Citizens Advice Arun & Chichester.

What we do

Past work has included bringing together local food provision projects to improve the sharing of resources and support, creating a directory and map of local services, and creating a cash-first leaflet supported by the Independent Food Aid Network.  

We are now in a period of consultation to learn from the community as a key stage in producing a food strategy for the region. We are seeking feedback from the general public, community organisations and people with lived experience through a mixture of surveys, participatory appraisal and interviews. We have begun a webinar series and had our first Food Forum event to bring together the diverse range of food projects and launch the new phase of the partnership. Out of the Food Forum we are forming new and building on existing networking groups in different areas across Arun and Chichester.