Ards and North Down Sustainable Food Community

The partnership sits within Ards and North Down Borough Council.  Ards and North Down has approximately 160,000 residents, living in a mix of towns, villages and rural areas.  

Ards and North Down Borough covers 228m2 and 115 miles of coastline - area of rich heritage and a beautiful environment.  


The ambition of the Sustainable Food Programme is to create a transition to a healthy, sustainable, and more equitable food system. Not only does this require strong national policy, but also collaborative action between policy makers, businesses, and society, it promotes a systems approach that involves and connects key actors at all levels and across all parts of the food system.    

Ards and North Down has embedded Sustainable Food Places into the Council’s Roadmap to Sustainability and The Big Plan (Community Plan), both of which are key strategic documents that will ensure the longevity of Sustainable Food Places in the borough. Sustainable Food will continue to be a key element in ensuring sustainability remains at the forefront of all councils' activities and services, and beyond. 

What we do

In line with the Corporate Plan and Community (Big) Plan, Council recognises the need to support local communities in reclaiming existing outdoor spaces including the development of a Sustainable Food Growing Strategy, taking into consideration current provision and what still needs to be achieved going forward. 

The developing agri-food sector has created more local employment and a thriving restaurant scene resulting in the area becoming a desirable ‘food-tourism’ destination. 

Through the Sustainable Food Places project we aim to connect and support a wider food network to improve partnership working and share skills and ideas.