Andover Sustainable Food Partnership

The Andover Sustainable Food Partnership (AFP) began from early conversations in 2021 with local community projects, developing into working partnerships to create a holistic vision where every organisation and initiative work together to put sustainability, localism and community at the heart of their approach.

Our vision:

  • To join up stakeholders to connect the community with food systems
  • To keep food local, promoting sustainability across the supply chain
  • Engaging and empowering the community in a range of activities, facilitating collaboration between public, private and VCSO sectors, and avoiding duplication
  • Promoting the partnership values and vision of a whole-systems approach, emphasising the intersection of healthy food with the climate, well-being, community and an intergenerational approach to community-led action
  • To develop an approach which is specific to the needs and identify of Andover as a place, including its unique traditions as a historic market town

AFP unites organisations from across sectors and the food system, including catering, procurement, community gardens, SMEs, voluntary and faith-based organisations, cafes and supermarkets. The depth and breadth of expertise enables partners to share best practice, opportunity for sustainability, food security, health and nutrition.

This allows AFP to connect expertise and community engagement facilitating a whole-systems approach to food.

What we do

  • AFP workshops: for the wider membership allowing the opportunity for the sharing of best practice and inform the direction of the partnership itself.
  • Developing a food map to plot resources and members to develop the partnership.