Fair Food Aberdeenshire

Fair Food Aberdeenshire (FFA) was established in 2021 in  response to the development of the Aberdeenshire Food Strategy. The group was broadened to include a cross-sector partnership with representatives from public, private and community sectors. The aim of a partnership is to develop a holistic approach on tackling a range of food related issues. We believe everyone should have access to affordable, healthy food that benefits the communities, the local economy and the environment.


Aberdeenshire Council, NESCAN, Aberdeenshire North Foodbank, CFINE, One Seed Forward, NHS Grampian, James Hutton Institute, Buchan Poverty Hub, University of Aberdeen.

What we do

We are a new partnership currently developing a sustainable food plan for Aberdeenshire. A vital ascpect of our vision will be to ensure that FFA is commited to a people-centred appraoch. FFA is currently seeking engaement from those with lived experience to develop our actions.

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Tackling Food Poverty

Good Food Procurement