Granite City Good Food

Good food is vital to the quality of people's lives. At Granite City Good Food (GCGF), we believe that every person in Aberdeen should have access to healthy, tasty, affordable food and that this food should also be good for the environment and our local economy.

A brief history

Granite City Good Food was formed in May 2016, with Cllr Lesley Dunbar (Aberdeen City Council) being elected as our Chairperson and holding its inaugural meeting in March 2017. Aberdeen was officially announced as the 48th member of the Sustainable Food Cities Network in the U.K, 3rd in Scotland and first to win a bronze award.

Governance model

In order to ensure that GCGF remains a high-level, strategic group, it is agreed that work is delegated to working/ sub-groups (based around the 6 priority areas). Each group has a lead member who reports back to the steering group on progress, updates and outcomes. GCGF reports to the ‘Sustainable City Group’ in Aberdeen City Council’s Community Planning structure.

We are a cross-sector partnership with members including:

Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen Health & Social Care Partnership, Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE), NHS Grampian Public Health Directorate (NHSG PHD), The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS), Robert Gordon University and Tillydrone Community Flat.

What we do

GCGF have participated in successful Veg Cities campaigns such as Torry Tasters which received national media coverage. Past campaigns have also included Sugar Smart, Food Power and we are now aiming to become Scotland’s first Sustainable Fish City. 

Keep Growing Aberdeen

Keep Growing Aberdeen is a seedling sharing project formed by a new partnership between CFINE, One Seed Forward, Tullos Community Garden, and Granite City Good Food.

Torry Tasters

The ‘Torry Tasters’ initiative aimed to increase the uptake of school meals and encourage primary school students to try more vegetarian options at the canteen.

Food Directory

We created these maps to show access to emergency food, where to find sustainable food producers, food growing opportunities and much more.

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Awareness and Engagement

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Granite City Good Food have developed fantastic relationship across various sectors and have utilised these partnerships to deliver unique and inspiring projects. One our greatest strengths lies in the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated steering group. 

Tackling Food Poverty with Dignity: Food Pantries