Time for Change!

17/06/2020 16:30 18:00

Land Workers Alliance

Land Workers Alliance

COVID-19 shows need for a radical change in our food system. What should we build or disrupt?


COVID-19 shows the need for radical change in our food system. As landworkers, farmers and growers, we will look at what we need to disrupt, and what to build and strengthen to support a real transformation in our food system.



Vandana Shiva - Navdanya

Vandana Shiva is a world famous Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author.

Jyoti Fernandes - Campaigns and Policy Coordinator, Landworkers’ Alliance

Jyoti is an agrecological smallholder farmer based in Dorset, UK. The farm runs a micro dairy and produces a wide range of products from cheese and meats to cider, juice and preserves. The farm is part of a local smallholders cooperative that shares collective processing facilities and markets the products of the members’ smallholdings collectively. Jyoti coordinates the Policy, Lobbying and Campaigning work of the LWA.

Vicki Hird

Vicki Hird is an award-winning author, expert, strategist and senior manager who has been working on environment, food and farming issues for over 25 years. As part-time sustainable farm campaign coordinator at Sustain, Vicki manages the farm policy and related campaigning.

Facilitated by: Roz Corbett (LWA) & Srik Narayanan

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