Local Government training session for food partnerships

16/01/2023 10:00 11:30

Transforming the food system at a local level requires the full backing and involvement of local authorities All food partnerships, regardless of whether they are hosted by the council or hosted by a separate organisation, work closely with their council. But how well do we know how local government works and how to influence it?

We will look at local government through a national (England) lens. With the expert input from Rebecca Cox, Principal Policy Advisor, Local Government Association, Emily O’Brien, Councillor, Lewes District Councillor and Deputy Chair of the People and Places Board at the LGA, as well as case studies from the SFP network, we will cover:

• Outlook including devolution, levelling up and pressures around local authority funding
• Types of councils and which powers they have including 1-tier, 2-tier, unitary, combined authorities
• Structures in place, e.g. cabinet, committees, full council, Council leader vs elected Mayor
• Decision making and policy making. Who influences local authorities?
• Role of Local Government Association
• How can food partnerships influence local government?
• Where to find out more information