Food Partnership Comms Support Session 3

09/11/2023 11:00 12:00

In this webinar series we will explore the basics of what makes for good communications, how to make ourselves look as good and fundworthy as possible, and our mantra throughout will be; Make the most with the least amount of input.  

Download Presentation here.

Notes from the Webinar, including example of good websites, template structure, and language here. 



In this session we will be exploring: Creating a simple website, how-to & what-to) social-media & connecting everything in cyberspace. 

Part 1: Creating a very simple website and/or curating your webpage

If this is part of your Comms strategy, or you have had a website, but the link is broken – make your own website! It doesn’t have to be super technical or very complicated, keep it simple and manageable.

  1. Have your Logo, tagline and basic branding
  2. Start on Wordpress (super simple and not too expensive)
  3. Keep your homepage short, and your menu simple (Max 5 tabs, no more, anything else gets files underneath
    1. Basic Homepage structure
      1. What, What, Who & How?
      2. Newsletter
      3. Images!
    2. Basic Menu structure (depending on what you do)
      1. What/About
      2. Who
        1. Team
        2. Directory
      3. Involvement/Resources
      4. Contact/Anchors/Newsletter

The most important thing to keep in mind is keep it/design it to be low-maintenance (any regular updates – use your Newsletter and social media (if you have any).

Part 2: Linking all of your platforms together (don't let anything float in cyberspace)

Especially if you have multiple platforms – you need to have them represented across each other. Here is how to do this:

  • Website (have all your icons live and central – high up, active, and easy to see)
    • Be able to share things on other people’s social media, especially if you don’t have your own.
  • Instagram (Linktree or website)
  • Twitter (Linktree or Website)
  • Youtube (have all your icons)
  • LinkedIn (Website)
    • We use Linktree so that we can send people straight to something that we want them to see – such as our Newsletter sign up, or a video, or specific campaign, but best if it can be made low maintenance.

How to use/make Linktree. Quick Demo