Coordinator Catch-Up Cost of Living Crisis Special, 28th Feb 2023

28/02/2023 10:00 11:30

Coordinator Catch Up on the 28th February 2023
Recorded Webinar

This coordinator catch up ‘special’ offered a space for food partnership coordinators to come together and explore with other coordinators how they are working through the dual objective of responding to the crisis while addressing the underlying causes of food insecurity and keeping a focus on food system transformation. This session will inform and be followed by a workshop at the SFP annual conference 24 March.

In response to interest from the network, the SFP programme organised two webinars, wrote two blogs, started compiling case studies of action by food partnerships and wrote to government calling for support to food partnerships as part of the day of celebration and action. This coordinator catch up builds on the desire from the network to have discussion spaces to come together with other partnership coordinators to discuss local responses and best practise. We will also use the session to check in on food partnership message for government and policy makers we can raise on your behalf and what support would be most useful