How can the food sector become more diverse?

04/07/2023 14:00 15:00

How can the food sector become more diverse? Food Justice Fortnight webinar from Bristol Food Network on Vimeo.

A panel discussion from Bristol Food Network, as part of Feeding Bristol's Food Justice Fortnight. Speakers include:

- Eloise Morton from Square Food Foundation discussing their work training young people excluded from school

- Shalini Sivakrishnan from ACH and Nesrin Ayad, owner of Nessi Cuisine, talking to us about the experience of recent migrants beginning work as cooks in the UK

- Dale Cranshaw from Windmill Hill City Farm talking about their plans to increase the farm’s diversity and inclusion

- Ped Asgarian from Feeding Bristol talking from his extensive experience and expertise in diversity work

The webinar took place on Tuesday 4th July 2023.