The Alliance For Dignified Food Support

18/07/2024 10:00 11:00

Alliance for Dignified Food Support



In this participatory session, Stef Lake will share progress on the work to develop The Alliance for Dignified Food Support. The goal of the Alliance is to raise awareness of the ethical contradictions of community food support, and support community food support projects to embed dignity within their provision. It emerged from the 2022 food summit convened by Lewes District Food Partnership, and has brought together a coalition of community food organisers, local food partnerships, academics, and activists committed to integrating dignity into community food support provision.

The session will look at the proposal for four core Principles of Dignified Food Support, a dignity charter and the development of a Dignity Toolkit to support community food organisations to audit their own practice, develop an action plan to further embed dignity, and to reflect on any changes and their impact.

This builds on, and is complementary to the work undertaken by Nourish Scotland among others, and feedback and ideas/experience to support this effort will be welcomed in the session.