Every Mouthful Counts: Unlocking a local food revolution

10/11/2022 10:00 11:00

Sustain are running webinar on 10th November 2022, which will reveal how UK councils are performing on food and climate change, with leading councils sharing their lessons for a good food revolution


Join the webinar for…

  • Key findings from our latest report, revealing how councils have performed on food in relation to climate and nature. 
  • Recommendations for local and national governments
  • Learn from councils that came out on top in our reporting. They'll be sharing their lessons and experiences for creating a local good food revolution and the co-benefits that's unlocked for their communities. 

Why are we talking about food?

  • The food system is responsible for a third of the UK's emissions and is the leading cause of biodiversity loss. This needs to change. Local authorities in the UK spend over £70bn on procurement each year and manage up to 1.3 million acres of land collectively. They have a significant role to play in reversing Britain's broken food system, and the solutions will improve our health and wellbeing, tackle inequality and create good jobs


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