Impact & reporting

We are working with the University of the West of England to evaluate the full breadth and depth of impact of the Sustainable Food Places approach and programme, both in driving positive food system change and in delivering measurable benefits to local communities.

Read the Phase 2 Evaluation Report from the University of the West of England (May 2019)

Read Public Health professionals’ assessment of Sustainable Food Cities - Making the case for a place-based systems approach to healthy and sustainable food (Oct 2017). Download the full report

Read Making the case for a systems approach to healthy and sustainable food - a draft tool we have developed that can help to measure progress against key health, economic and environmental outcomes using proxy indicators. It can also be used to help demonstrate the effectiveness of your approach. Please note that all of the content is also accessible via the website’s Resources pages.

‘[Sustainable Food Places] represents a return of £2 for every £1 investment by EFF. The multiplier effect is greater when assessed at city level, with a total SFC grant funding of £493,359 [2016-2019] to 31 city members generating £7 for every £1 invested.’
University of the West of England (Evaluation Report, May 2019)

SFP in academic publications

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