Investing in a better food future: the innovative role of food partnerships

As the cost of living crisis continues to affect communities and supply chain disruptions further put pressure on food access, now is the time to invest in local food economies and community food access – into production, distribution and infrastructure that improve access to healthy and sustainable food, creating good food jobs, fair returns for farmers, healthy communities and a pride of place.

This briefing makes the case for harnessing the power and vision of Sustainable Food Places food partnerships to deliver the above, and for a Good Food Bill in every UK nation to set a long-term and consistent strategy on food.

Download our manifesto here.

Photos from the event 

Sustainable Food Places calls on government investment in a food partnership in every local authority and better investment in local good food economies, good food jobs and infrastructure, alongside investment in healthy food access. We also call on enhanced decision-making power to the devolved governments to better target investment to meet local food systems needs.

Calls to action:

  • Investment in a food partnership in every local authority, alongside a food strategy endorsed by the council.
  • A Good Food Bill in every nation, underpinned by an independent body to champion action and scrutinise progress.
  • Investment in small and medium size agroecological producers, and improved routes to market.
  • Investment in local food infrastructure and values driven local enterprises delivering on environmental, social and health objectives.
  • Use of existing public spending on food to support local and sustainable food systems and local food suppliers.
  • Investment in children’s health and healthy food access programmes, as well as school and community food infrastructure to support growing, cooking and eating good food.
  • Better decision-making powers for devolved governments around farming, economic and food infrastructure investment.

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