How much food can we grow? Measuring impact of urban food growing with the ‘Harvest-ometer’

Thursday 5th May 2016

Community food growing is a recognised and popular way to help people get healthier, build communities and develop skills. But what other benefits does food growing provide and how do we evidence this? Capital Growth in London, is a network of over 2000 community food gardens and has been developing an online tool to help gardens measure the financial value of the food they harvest. So far the Harvest-ometer has been used by over 200 groups and racked up an impressive 40 tonnes of produce, and is beginning to show all sorts of benefits and possibilities for organisations involved.

This webinar organised by Sustainable Food Cities and Sustain will give attendees an overview of the Harvest-ometer tool, how it works, its use for gardens and for wider organisations, policy makers and campaigners. It will also promote how other areas can get involved in this innovative tool for community food growers and some of the plans for the future including a carbon tool.

Chair: Sarah Williams, Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming

Speakers: Alizee Marceau - Sustainable Food Cities; Julie Riehl - Capital Growth, Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming; Sarah Williams


Listen and watch presentations from the webinar


Alizee Marceau - Introduction to the webinar and to Sustainable Food Cities

Sarah Williams and Julie Riehl - The Harvest-ometer



Enhancing the Impact of Sustainable Urban Food Strategies project run by Sustainable Food Cities and Cardiff University

Harvest-ometer video

Take a look at the Harvest-ometer on Sustain's website

Download the Reaping Rewards II report from Sustain website

The Growing Enterprise Guidelines for pricing info for grow to sell

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Sarah and Julie would be very happy to follow up with discussions and would be interested to know demand from towns/cites and individual gardens. Get in touch with them: Sarah Williams -, Julie Riehl -


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