Food Partnerships are to be rolled out across Wales

Last year, Welsh Government committed to funding cross-sector food partnerships in Wales  to help alleviate poverty. This commitment is now being realised with £2.5 million allocated to local authorities across Wales to support or strengthen the development of cross-sector food partnerships – building resilience in local food networks through the co-ordination of on the ground, food-related activity and helping to tackle the root-causes of food poverty.

Food Sense Wales

Food Sense Wales has been key in establishing and nurturing food partnerships as part of its work leading on the Sustainable Food Places network in Wales and is now supporting Welsh Government as it rolls out this much-needed funding. Welsh Government has recognised the importance of place-based approaches and the way in which local cross-sector food partnerships can support communities to respond to the cost of living crisis whilst also working to develop more resilient local food economies.

Food Sense Wales believes that investment in connected and resilient local food systems builds and retains wealth in Wales – economically, environmentally and socially – and helps to promote collaboration and inclusivity.  Over the last few years, we, as an organisation have been actively encouraging areas and communities across Wales to establish and grow place-based infrastructure, helping to contribute to the development of a ‘good food movement’ as well as wider community food strategies that benefit the health, economy, sustainability and social prosperity of local communities across Wales.

Food partnerships bring together partners from a range of different sectors to help tackle a range of social, economic and environmental issues as they strive to ensure good food for all.  Partners usually include public bodies such as Health Boards and Local Authorities as well as other dedicated stakeholders such as voluntary organisations, charities, food business, retailers, wholesalers, growers and farmers.

Food Sense Wales already supports Wales’ nine current Sustainable Food Places members – Food CardiffFood Valethe Monmouthshire Food PartnershipRCT FoodBlaenau Gwent Food PartnershipBwyd Powys Food, Bwyd Sir Gâr Food in Carmarthenshire, the Torfaen Food Partnership and Bwyd Abertawe in Swansea.

See the Welsh Members of SFP. 

Having a new raft of food partnerships emerging in all parts of Wales will support communities to respond to the food poverty crisis and enable access to affordable, heathy food.

Thanks to this important funding support, a food partnership will now be established in each local authority in Wales.  Food Sense Wales is supporting Welsh Government on the delivery of the funding as well as the development of a partnerships network, providing valuable support and advice to new and existing partnerships.

For further details, please contact us by emailing 

Watering the veg patch

Resources for developing Food Partnerships in Wales

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