Glasgow hosts Food Summit to build city-wide food approach

Glasgow Food Policy Partnership’s Food Summit brought together over 150 stakeholders to start the process of developing a city-wide food strategy for Glasgow.

The Food Summit was organised jointly by Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, the Glasgow Centre of Population Health and Glasgow City Council in May 2019.

The Food Summit highlighted the importance of a city-wide, holistic approach to Glasgow's food system for improving health, for reducing food insecurity, for building community resilience and for mitigating the city’s collective impact on the environment.

The event also wanted to celebrate the great work that is already established in Glasgow and provide opportunities for shared learning, discussion, networking and to find out about local food businesses/projects.

Stakeholders attended workshops around 6 key areas of sustainable food:

  1. Good food at home and reducing food insecurity
  2. Good food for the economy
  3. Good food in the community
  4. Good food for children and young people
  5. Growing good food
  6. Good food for the environment

After group discussions the audience were asked to fill out feedback forms to gather views about what issues they felt would be important to be part of the future strategy.

The day also included a ‘Speed Networking’ session designed to encourage information sharing and improve networks.

Read the full event write-up and find the presentations here.

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What you can do

The ‘Developing a food strategy’ theme of the SFP Toolkit – the blue section – contains resources to help you develop a sustainable food vision and strategy. In particular these resources will be useful:

Develop an action plan to deliver the food strategy in an inclusive, participatory and collaborative way through following suggestions in the Action planning guide and facilitating Action planning workshops

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