Feeding Communities in the Face of Adversity: Municipal Emergency Planning & Policy Options for Healthy Food Access

27/05/2020 19:00 20:00

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced extraordinary shocks to our food systems, including huge affordability and supply chain impacts. Many municipalities are being forced to confront these impacts and react to them virtually all at once.
During this webinar we will explore how municipalities can use planning and policy tools to address major shocks to local food systems during emergencies such as pandemics and natural disasters. We will discuss how comprehensive plans and other local planning tools can prepare communities for these food access disruptions. We will also examine the policy actions that municipal policymakers can take to ensure their communities have adequate access to healthy food during emergencies and introduce the Healthy Food Policy Project’s Municipal COVID-19 Food Access Policy Index. Finally, we will invite attendees to share how they are using or are considering using planning and policy tools to address community food system issues in these pandemic times.


Luis Nieves-Ruiz, AICP, Economic Development Manager,
East Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Amanda Karls, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center

Ross Daniels, AICP, Community Planner, Public Health Law Center

Lihlani Nelson, Associate Director, Center for Agriculture and Food Systems (CAFS)


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