Somerset Food Trail Festival

14/07/2023 30/07/2023

Plotgate Community Farm, by Ben Pulletz, for Somerset Food Trail

The Somerset Food Trail Festival celebrates the best, most sustainably produced local food. It's a countywide event focused specifically on our more nature-friendly farmers and artisan producers - the local food heroes who are leading the transition to a new era of regenerative, 'agroecological' farming, to cut emissions, restore wildlife and produce better, tastier, more nourishing food.

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Based on the 'open studios' model of arts trails, the Somerset Food Trail Festival sees farmers, growers and food producers open their doors to the public at set times in July. Now in its second year, this year's festival runs from Friday 14 to Sunday 30 July 2023. Nearly 170 farmers, growers, food producers, farm shops, delis, cafés, pubs and eateries have signed up to take part, with around 370 events planned across the festival period.

This year's theme is 'feasts and tastings' to get everyone trying our fantastic produce. Nearly 40 venues have taken up our 30-Mile Feast challenge, where most of the ingredients are sourced from a 30-mile radius. There is also a huge variety of other events, including open days, farm tours, family picnics and more.