Setting up and running cooperative sales & purchasing models for farmers

24/06/2020 19:00 20:30

This webinar is to explore setting up and running cooperative sales and purchasing models for farmers and food systems.

    How can different farms work together to run cooperative sales / purchasing systems?
    What are the benefits of these systems?
    How can we make them sustainable?
    How can we make them successful?


- Helen Woodcock, Kindling Trust (Manchester). Helen was involved in setting up the Manchester Veg People model, and still plays an active role in the committee. She will talk about the Manchester Veg People cooperative of veg growers and food businesses, and some of the pros and cons of their system as it's evolved over time.

- Danny Fisher, Better Food Shed (London). Danny will give an overview of setting up this project under Growing Communities, and how they work with box schemes and farmers to create a cooperative purchasing model to support smaller scale agroecological farms.

- Alex Lawrie, Somerset Cooperative Services CIC will be on hand to answer any governance and organisational questions around setting up and running cooperative models.


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