Government Food Strategy - how food partnerships can respond

18/07/2022 15:00 16:30

The School of Artisan Food

The School of Artisan Food

Join us on Monday 18 July 3-4.30 to better understand how your food partnership can respond to the consultations launched in England off the back of the Government Food Strategy.

The Government's Food Strategy was launched last month and with it, two public consultations were opened in England looking for views on: government buying standards for food and catering services and improved food waste reporting for large food businesses.

Food partnerships are well placed to respond to consultations because they have a good understanding of the local context. We are taking this opportunity to give an overview of the consultations to support food partnerships to send their own responses.

There will also be a presentation on the contents of the new Procurement Bill and how this links to food buying.

Speakers include:

  • Ruth Westcott, Sustain - overview of the new Procurement Bill
  • Ellen Fletcher, Defra - consultation on the proposed changes to the public sector food and catering policy 
  • speaker, tbc - consultation on improved reporting of food waste by large businesses in England

The webinar will be held on Zoom and will be recorded (registrants will be sent the recording)




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