Food for Resilience: Transatlantic Lessons from Community Gardens and Farms

18/09/2020 15:00 16:30

Credit: Lizzy Mace at Cranbrook Community Food Garden, London

Credit: Lizzy Mace at Cranbrook Community Food Garden, London

This event will bring together experiences between networks, growers and urban farmers from London, Toronto, and New York City to show how gardens and farms are contributing toward their cities’ resilience, food security, and Covid-19 response.

Organised by Capital Growth (part of Sustain) in London, NYC Parks GreenThumb in New York, and Toronto Urban Growers, this webinar will share lessons from across the pond on how community gardens and urban farms can respond to crisis, build solidarity among neighbours and prepare for the road ahead.

The event will include presentations from each of the networks, stories from the gardens and farms and time for Q&A. It will be chaired by Melana Roberts, Chairperson of the board of Food Secure Canada.


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Please note this is event is at 10am EST and 3pm BST.

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