Food for Life Scotland & Sustainable Food Cities Event 2015


How do you put sustainable food at the heart of your local area? Representatives from more than 20 UK locations got together in Edinburgh on 6 November 2015 to discuss this issue at the Food for Life Scotland Sustainable Food Cities networking event.

The special event, organised by Soil Association Scotland as part of its Food for Life Scotland programme, gave people the chance to meet others who are working towards a sustainable food system in their town or city, providing an opportunity to learn about the great work that is happening at both a national and local level in Scotland and around the UK.

A range of inspirational speakers shared their experiences with an enthusiastic audience. There was a wealth of hands-on advice about how to get started in adopting the Sustainable Food Cities approach and how to deal with challenges along the way.

“Sustainable Food Cities need partnership and action plans. Not dry strategy that sits on a shelf."
Clare Devereux, Food Matters

Workshops formed a major part of the event and attendees shared some great tips and advice on creating and sustaining effective food partnerships.

"Partnership is not about patting backs. It's about challenging, critical analysis and questioning."
Bill Gray, Community Food & Health Scotland

The Sustainable Food Cities event gave leaders from local public agencies, businesses and third sector organisations the chance to learn more about taking a strategic approach to positive food change in their area.

Frank Strang, Deputy Director, Food, Drink & Rural Communities at the Scottish Government summed up the mood, saying: “If we want to make change we have to make choices. We've nailed our colours to the mast - we're choosing to commit to make this happen, this good food nation. It's great to see that so many people from the sustainable food cities movement are with us on this journey.”

Huge thanks go to all of the speakers and delegates who made it such a memorable event.

Storify of the day - emerge yourself in the event

The event was recorded in drawing by a graphic facilitator. The main themes, ideas and points of discussion were captured in real time, and galleries of images were built up around the walls of the venue where delegates were asked to mark the important messages for them rising out of the event.


Welcome and Introductions to Food for Life Scotland and the Sustainable Food Cities Network

How can partnerships take action on food insecurity and food poverty?

Workshop 1 - Developing an effective food partnership and action plan :

Workshop 2 - Implementing food projects with examples from current partnerships :

Workshop 3 - Sustaining partnerships and activity:


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