Devon Food Partnership Task Group – Join Us to discuss how to improve uptake of the Healthy Start scheme !

Online: MS Teams
10/11/2021 10:00 11:30

<p>Please join us for the&nbsp;<a href=";;sdata=xfjtmpA7D445myhIJAbJOLHemVK7rmNaC2DSR9syamw%3D&amp;reserved=0">Devon Food Partnership</a>&rsquo;s first task group, looking at how we can improve uptake of&nbsp;<a href=";;sdata=%2BAAdAlYDxd7TOOOYcgx5AFYBwESxHQDyTz%2BKUtBBO%2BA%3D&amp;reserved=0">Healthy Start</a>&nbsp;across Devon, Torbay and Plymouth, and how this can join with ambitions to shorten supply chains and link communities with locally produced food.&nbsp; Healthy Start can provide important financial support to buy milk, fruit and vegetables, as well as free vitamins, but currently only around 50% of eligible families are claiming it.&nbsp; At a time when food insecurity is of significant concern locally and when the&nbsp;<a href=";;sdata=CJ14KJmZVeSb0TVakBKY436TE48gnCiv1jxfYkXZ5m8%3D&amp;reserved=0">scheme is about to go digital</a>, we want this to change.</p> <p>This initial meeting will be a scoping meeting, exploring how public health, food partnerships, local producers and suppliers (and others!) could work together towards this aim.&nbsp; This will build on ideas around making veg boxes routinely available and affordable to Healthy Start recipients, inspired by the recent&nbsp;<a href=";;sdata=Hiy%2BltYUsQwToRnrEhrIZ92SNSNF9kXEt3%2BKl9RbSCQ%3D&amp;reserved=0">Goodie Box</a>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<a href=";;sdata=Der9eg67XoMup%2F33Diqf9bfuP%2BoS8fVni5S%2Fnk2uD3c%3D&amp;reserved=0">Get a Healthy Start</a>&nbsp;projects run in Devon, and the consequent feedback from many families wishing for better access to fresh produce and recipes in their communities.&nbsp; However, there will also be space to discuss other ideas people may like to contribute.</p> <p>Please feel free to join us if you would be interested in these initial conversations.</p> <p>For the MS Teams Invite, please email&nbsp;<a href=""></a>.</p>


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