Coming out of Covid - Approaches to re-energise and re-motivate food partnerships as the COVID lockdown is lifted.

Online workshop
27/05/2021 10:00

Sustainable Food Places

Sustainable Food Places

This workshop will explore ways in which food partnerships can begin to rebuild momentum and re-focus activities towards delivery of their vision, aims/ outcomes. The workshop will demonstrate an approach, already used in SFP, facilitating a structured session with participants, and sharing perspectives.


The session will consider the following questions:

  • Coming out of Covid, where is the energy/focus in your food sector?
  • How does this energy / focus, both in terms of initiatives and ways of working, reflect and contribute to delivery of your vision, aims/outcomes?
  • In what way does your vision, aims/ outcomes need to change to respond to the impact of Covid?
  • What is needed to re-energise and motivate your core team?
  • What else would help to re-mobilise your local food movement?



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