Know your friends and foes, find your companions - Gardens & Allotments

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22/04/2021 18:30 20:30

Grow To Give

Grow To Give

<p><a href=";utm-campaign=social&amp;utm-content=attendeeshare&amp;aff=escb&amp;utm-source=cp&amp;utm-term=listing">Eventbrite Link&nbsp;</a></p> <p>We will start by meeting several of the organisms we call &lsquo;pests&rsquo; in our growing practice. We will learn about some of their life cycles so that we can optimise ways to control them using various organic methods. We will discuss general practices that can help us manage both pests and some common plant diseases. We will also meet the predators of these &lsquo;pests&rsquo; and explore the ways in which we can attract these to our garden to keep the pest population low.</p> <p>Finally, we will look at some useful companion plants to integrate into our garden that can help us to keep &lsquo;pests&rsquo; at bay and improve the health of our crops.</p> <p>Our speaker&nbsp;<strong>Elena Trivelli&nbsp;</strong>was the Coordinator for two Capital Growth allotments in the Royal Parks, after working and volunteering in therapeutic and community gardens in London over the last six years. She studied Organic Horticulture at&nbsp;<em>OrganicLea&nbsp;</em>and is qualified in Permaculture, and No Dig Gardening with Charles Dowding.</p>


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