Building Sustainable and Empowered Networks

From the Soil Association's Get Togethers programme, this engaging animation, takes you through how to build an effective network that can self-regulate and organically grow. As well as how to avoid creating ones which have too many barriers for meaningful growth and lasting connections.

Ever wondered what the work of network development is, how to do it better, or even why it matters at all? We know people, organisations and the natural world all flourish in relation to the diversity and connectedness of their ecosystem. That’s why the work of developing and supporting healthy networks is so important for resilience and the generation of the synergy and innovation we need in our communities and our movement.

This short video makes the case for better understanding our networks, describes what a healthy network looks like, and starts the conversation about what we can each do to get there. This is, of course, just a start. Conversations are ongoing about how we build stronger, more effective and more inclusive and diverse networks, just get in touch if you’d like to join in: 

Film Credits:

Storyboard: Andrea Gibbons & Anna Wade

Illustration: Mitch Miller -

Voice over: Adam Carter

Film created by: BigBlueWhaleUK

Get Togethers:

Funding from: National Lottery Community Fund

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